It’s In The Small Steps

Are you achieving your goals men? Do you start out well but stop? Are you finding you aren’t making it to the finish line?

The secret to arriving at your destination is the

How do you know you have the next smallest step?

The next smallest step is something you can do. It doesn’t create a feeling of overwhelm in your body. You know you can do it.

When I climb a steep mountain I can feel completely overwhelmed looking at the whole side of the mountain from below. When I take in the whole distance to the top and the incline I need to climb, it can seem overwhelming.

I know my goal. I know where I need to go, yet the distance between where I am starting and where I want to end up at the top can seem daunting.

When I change my focus to the next smallest step, I have changed climbing the mountain from something huge to something that is only as big as the area needed for my next toe-hold. I can do that.

Something incredible happens with taking the next smallest step. It brings into focus what you couldn’t see when you started. Looking at the whole mountain doesn’t allow me to see the detail of the steps I need to get to the top.

The next smallest step brings into view, to focus, what comes next. I can keep myself in forward motion to the top. Little by little I make progress. Over time, I have climbed the entire mountain and I am looking at the view from the top, not the bottom.

Guess what happens at the top? This new view from the top allows me to see things I hadn’t been able to see before.

There is a mountain I climb in Medellin, Colombia. It basically divides the city into two parts. At the bottom I see my immediate surroundings, and as I climb higher I can see more the city where I began. Going higher I can see greater and greater areas of the expanse of Medellin and its barrios.

However, it is only at the top that I am able to see all of the city that exists on the other side of the mountain. I think of this like seeing new opportunities and discovering unthought of possibilities.

Achieving a goal not only brings you to the place you want to be, like at the top of the mountain, it also expands your horizons and presents new possibilities of where you want to go. This is the magic of goal setting and achievement, it is constantly expanding and growing your world.

What is the next smallest step you can take toward your goal? Please share with me.

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