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I help you secure the position you want in an industry you love – even if you’re not yet sure what that is.

Boost your success and live life on your own terms through focused, one-on-one coaching.

Todd Gorishek

Life and Career Coach for Men

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Figure out your values and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over fears and change your reality.


Breathe, relax, and become present with your world.

What My CLIENTs Say

Todd assisted me in finding my life’s purpose, as well as in identifying ways to achieve my life goals.

Todd has a genuine passion for helping others, and it is evident from the very first meeting that he wants the people he works with to succeed.

I enjoyed my time working with him, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing coaching in any aspect of their life.

James, USA

Todd is an excellent coach.

He listens very well, and helps you see and understand how your past decisions and actions may have contributed to the challenges that you faced.

He then works with you by providing the tools you need to improve your quality of life. Thanks man!

Kevin, UK

Todd was a huge help to me on my career/industry change journey. Highly recommend.

William Robinson, USA

Todd was very thorough in helping me out with the interview process — and was always readily available when I needed him.

Stan Wu, USA

Todd is all you can wish for in a coach. He is there for you all the way, asks the right questions and knows how to balance push and pull to get you moving and reaching your goals.

Having had different coaches in my life, I can honestly say that he goes beyond what you usually can expect from a coach and am very happy to have found him. If you want to make some changes in your life as a man, you are at the right place.

Todd, I am very grateful for all that you have taught me and helped me with!

Steven, Canada

Todd is an excellent coach. He helped me define what I wanted in my life and did a great job of holding me accountable.

Years later, I get to look back on our initial conversations and see that I’ve completely changed my career and situation in life the way that I wanted!

I would definitely recommend Todd to anyone that wants help accomplishing important goals or making life changes.

Dan, USA

I have been very fortunate to have worked with Todd Gorishek of Empowered Men Coaching for a number of years. He is truly fantastic.

Todd is very practical and extremely focused in his work. He has helped me to cut through the clutter in many areas of my life, personally and professionally, and to help me focus on what I need to do next to achieve the goals I want in my life.

He has proven to be an excellent ally for me over the years, and I think anyone who works with him would be lucky to have Todd in his corner.

Todd is a top quality provider, and if you are looking for a coach, look no further. Once you work with Todd, you will be very happy you did. Keep up the good work, Todd!

Brad Salzman

Todd is amazing! I wasn’t sold on this “job coach” idea until I reached out to him. The transformation that I went through this past year was nothing short of incredible.

I was stuck in a career with no work-life balance that I wasn’t proud of. Todd identified the areas I needed assistance with, kept me on task with weekly homework, and I achieved the best-case scenario with the perfect job offer.

He dug really deep to help me make the most out of networking opportunities and worked on my fractured confidence that I needed to overcome my current situation.

I’ve recommended him already to associates seeking the same change and I have no hesitation recommending him here. The greatest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

Call Todd!

Spencer A.

Todd is truly an exceptional coach.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with a good number of coaches over my lifetime. Todd stands out among the crowd.

One of the powerful approaches Todd has brought to working with me is the depth of listening and emotional analysis to his coaching. Given the insights he brings to his coaching, I find it somewhat surprising that he doesn’t have a psychology background – he’s that good.

I’ve read somewhere recently that feelings are the source of one’s energy. Todd has helped me explore the feelings behind my decisions and motivations in such a way to make a huge difference to the trajectory of my path towards my goals.

Todd has demonstrated exceptional dedication to his craft. Combined with his caring for his clients, he is truly a rare gem among coaches.

Phil Peters, USA

Todd was very much the coach I needed when we worked together. His qualifications largely speak for themselves, but there are a few things that stood out from my experience working with Todd that are worth highlighting…

Todd has a real gift for knowing how to balance between listening, questioning, and inspiring. I think this is an especially difficult and challenging skill to build in coaching, and Todd is a master at this.

From Day 1, I’ve really felt like Todd has been in my court. He is remarkably active and went well beyond what I’d expect from a coach to make sure I was healthy and living how I wanted to.

Todd is simply a wonderful person to know and his character made it such that I had trust in him from the get go — which enabled a more successful coaching relationship.

If you have the opportunity to work with Todd, go for it!

Chris Murphy, USA

Working with Todd was wonderful. He is very easy to talk to and clearly cares about his clients.

He was instrumental in helping me gain clarity in my career and determine a plan of action to move forward with. I can’t recommend him enough.

Jeremy, USA

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