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Figure out your values and align your life to them.


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Get over fears and change your reality.


Breathe, relax, and become present with your world.

What My CLIENTs Say

With Todd’s help I have been able to find peace, and love life on life’s terms. With his help I have been able to be a leader among men.

I would definitely recommend Todd to ANY man that feels lost or out of place.

Andrew S., USA

Todd allowed me the space & time to think things through, challenged me when he felt I needed it, and this gave me an overall confidence to deal with things in my personal and work life, and gave me the motivation to keep going forwards.

R.R., UK

Todd has a special gift of asking questions to really make you think and feel about the issues and patterns that may be blocking you from true inner peace and happiness.

He helps you find a positive solution and life path to create a different result.

Scott S., USA

Todd seems to have an innate gift, which in addition to his training and experience, enabled him to help me step back and look at my situation clearly.

He has indeed been a great help to me.

Rod R., USA

Todd is great at holding you accountable, and will ask the necessary questions to make sure your expectations and his are aligned.

Daniel K., Canada

Todd is an excellent coach. He’s responsive to your accountability needs, and does a great job of motivating.

I worked with him for months, and would highly recommend him to others.

Adam, USA

It was a very professional, insightful, and helpful coaching. I realized the source of my addiction and found the ways that did not work for me.

Much of my problems lie in interpersonal realm, which I was totally unaware of; but Todd helped me do it really well. The most important lesson I learned was and is how to deal with my relapses.

I am leaving now for some reasons, but I hope I can come back again and use Todd’s coaching.

Anonymous, USA

I initially reached out to Todd to help me with fears around approaching women. Todd was fantastic.

He really cares and you can feel it — he goes above and beyond what you would expect.

I’ve tried many coaches in the past for different reasons and I can honestly say Todd is the best I’ve had. He goes deeply into your issues and goes the extra mile.

You can tell that coaching is Todd’s purpose in life and his passion comes through loud and clear.

I would highly recommend him to anyone feeling that they are living below their full potential. Thank you Todd.

Alan C., S. Africa

Todd is an amazing coach, I worked with him on a weight loss goal, he was very helpful and continued to encourage and push me to excel and meet my goal.

It is crazy to look back and see all the steps he helped me through to give up the poor choices for good ones.

He managed to help me do this with a lifestyle change that I could handle, stick to and will be able to continue my whole life. I both look better and feel better.

Josh J., USA

My goal was to strengthen my core strength for better balance, and hopefully, to improve my proportions.

Todd started me off doing one minute of crunches and squats each day. A more than realistic assignment. The goal was to do it religiously, for at least 30 days, until it was a habit, increasing the time and intensity as time passed.

Todd checked in with me daily, with suggestions, such as to do it at the same time each day, etc., and always with a note of encouragement.

I would recommend Todd to anyone, and I plan on working with him again.

Rod R., USA

Todd allowed me to identify what was important to me by asking the right questions, to uncover and most importantly realize my talents and abilities.

I had been trying to live a conventional life until now and this had been my issue which permeated throughout all aspects of my life.

Todd asked me to think unconventionally. (Ask him about the left hand right hand analogy). Thinking unconventionally has gradually allowed me to escape this mental prison imposed on me as a child and instead move towards new exciting ideas which I truly resonate with.

When considering my life goals now I ask myself…..what is an unconventional goal I want which both scares me and excites?! This is becoming my new blueprint.

I am only at the beginning of my journey but I am so excited.
I attribute my new found thinking and behavior to Todd.

Thanks Todd

Ben B., Spain

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