Hi, I'm Todd

I’m Todd Gorishek and I’m here to coach and see you empower yourself to become the man you want to be! I am a Men’s Empowered Action coach. I understand being burned out and operating only from anxiety, depression, and frustration. I now live my life empowered as a man in my family and relationships, my career, my health, my life. You can too and I am here to help.

The Journey

That's why I am here....

I know what it is like to want clarity and direction and not know how to get it. Did you have a strong male role model in your life to help you figure that out?

I didn’t.

In fact, my “guide” to be a man was basically to do the opposite of what I had seen the men in my life do in terms of their relationships, raising sons, and showing up as men in the world.

It wasn’t until I met men who were authentic, who held themselves accountable for their actions and decisions, and who chose to be vulnerable in their masculinity was I then able to understand what being a strong, confident man with purpose meant.

Because of these examples, because of the support and encouragement I received from these kind of men, I was able to own my brilliance and my faults.

I no longer had to operate from anxiety of “being found out”, or feel like “something is wrong with me.”

The frustration of feeling uncertain in my ability as a man in a relationship, a job, and a life routine was replaced with an awareness of the power I possess to choose my path and create whatever I desire in all areas of my life.

An Empowered Man

Today I am a Men’s Empowered Action Coach, an entrepreneur, a licensed healthcare professional, a husband, a father…I am an Empowered Man.

It hasn’t always been this way for me.

Basically, growing up I was routinely bullied by my peers and belittled by my father. The message and belief I took from those experiences was that I’m not enough and I don’t count.

These became truths I held about myself. So as an adult, I learned to live small, play it safe, and not have a voice. I discovered a way to change this!

I learned to separate events in my life from the meaning I gave them. In this process, who I am in the world changed; what I am able to do changed. Feeling “less than” was replaced with feeling powerful and confident about who I am as as a man.

My life hasn’t been the same since!

It hasn’t always been easy working through my confusion, emptiness, and loneliness. I had to look at hidden aspects of myself and how consciously or unconsciously it affected my clarity and the direction of my life…in my marriage, my personal relationships, my parenting, my career, and even my spiritual relationship.

I had to confront my sabotaging beliefs that I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t count. I had to face my fear of letting go of old ways of behavior that, although kept me safe in my childhood, were totally fucking me up as an adult.

I had to experience my grief of things lost or never had in my life, acknowledge regrets of my own mistakes and behavior, and really allow myself to feel all of it.

It was the dark portal of light. Until I stepped into that darkness I couldn’t come through and out into the light of my own magnificence.

I Got My Life Back

The incredible thing is that I got my life back and it’s been moving in the direction I want ever since! I now have the ability to show up as the man I choose to be on this planet.

My emotional range is fuller and I no longer operate from anxiety, fear, and frustration. I discovered my power by owning who I am, all parts of me.

I live more authentically.

I created a better marriage, stronger personal relationships, became more engaged as a dad, became identified as a leader in my work environment, and pursued a career with more fulfilling interests.

I now live my life empowered as a man in my family, my personal relationships, and my career. And I’m not unique. After working with me, many men have these same experiences.

Live Life Empowered Now

My passion is that you choose to Live Life Empowered Now. Are you ready?

Here is my commitment to you. I will create a safe and sacred place to explore whatever is on your plate so you find clarity and direction, find a sense of relief and inner peace from things left buried, hidden, or ignored, and find or reclaim your power and gifts…so you can create the future you want!

Being Vulnerable Is Scary

Being truly vulnerable with someone is scary. I get it!

You may be thinking “don’t do it”, “don’t let your guard down”, “don’t be vulnerable”. And isn’t it true that an Empowered Man is responsible for his choices, and takes action to create the life he wants?

Is this who you want to be?

You don’t have to do it alone. In fact truly empowered men choose the support of other men.

Discover New Possibilities For Yourself


Working with me means discovering new possibilities for yourself and taking empowered action!

How much longer will you continue as you are, and put off becoming who you want to be…who you are meant to be… to Live the Life You Want Now?

Contact me and let’s get started.

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