Career Coaching for Men

You will benefit from my Career Coaching if you…

  • Feel stuck or unsatisfied in your current career
  • Can’t see a path forward to advance in your career
  • Want clarity because you feel confused and uncertain of your next step
  • Feel overwhelmed with your options and unsure where to start
  • Want to change career fields
  • Have fear of change
  • Have lots of interests but are unsure of what to focus on 
  • Not using your skills to their fullest potential
  • Current environment is not working for you
  • Want a work environment where you can grow
  • Confused how to match your skills with a fulfilling career
  • Want more confidence interviewing


My Career Coaching enables you to…

  • Identify your strengths/personality type and use them to help secure the position/career you want
  • Determine areas to research for positions/careers that interest you
  • Prepare you to engage confidently in interviews
  • Evaluate risk-benefit of remaining the same or changing
  • Reframe beliefs that sabotage your forward movement to secure a position/career
  • Identify key players to help you network, find, and secure a new position/career
  • Have an accountability partner to keep you in forward motion


My Career Coaching does NOT …

  • Create your resume
  • Build your social media pages
  • Give you names and contacts in your desired position/career

Clarity and Confidence Coaching for Men

You will benefit from my Clarity and Confidence coaching if you...

  • Are not achieving your goals
  • Get distracted from completing tasks at hand
  • Have ever felt less important, ignored, or can’t compete with other men
  • Have self-doubt, second guess yourself, and change your decisions when others question you
  • Believe what you want isn’t as important as what others want
  • Yield instead of promote your ideas when challenged
  • Do more and more of what your spouse/partner wants, and less and less of what you want
  • Find yourself saying sorry when you are not at fault
  • Were bullied as a boy
  • Had no supportive male in your life growing up
  • Feel like you are “faking” your masculinity around other men
  • Have more female friends than male friends
  • Fear taking risks

My Clarity and Confidence Coaching enables you...

  • Set goals and create the required steps to achieve them
  • Be accountable to yourself and others by taking action to get the support you need
  • Ask for what you want, instead of remaining silently frustrated and unheard
  • Be seen and heard at work and in your relationships
  • Uphold your No even when others want you to say Yes, and not be pushed into doing tasks of another person’s agenda
  • Make and maintain your boundaries that respect your value as a man
  • Follow your passions and purpose in life, living life on your terms
  • Take risks and trust yourself in the process

We will work well together if you...

  • Take your commitments seriously
  • Are open to explore your beliefs and your values
  • Will choose to be vulnerable
  • Want to be your best possible self
  • Dedicate time to your personal development
  • Have the financial resources for coaching

I am not the coach for you if you…

  • Are unwilling to look at the beliefs you hold and where they come from
  • Enjoy demeaning others
  • Hold onto racist attitudes
  • Refuse to stop playing victim
  • Lack desire to be accountable for your actions
  • Regularly miss scheduled appointments
  • Do not honor your financial agreements


What you can expect from me as your Coach...

  • Together we create a trusted and safe space for you to do the hard work necessary for the change you are after.
  • I support you by asking powerful questions that help you discover the answers and solutions that are right for you, your life, and your pursuit.
  • I encourage and challenge you to push past your own bullshit so you can own what is brilliant about you, and recognize those parts of yourself sabotaging your best efforts.
  • We identify the sabotaging stories that keep you from getting what you want, and reframe them into true beliefs about you that support you achieving your goals.
  • Together we explore the possibilities that exist because of your new found clarity and confidence of who you are and what you can do.
  • Create concrete next steps for you to take action.






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