Case Studies


Guiding John Through a Major Career Transition.

  • John was dealing with exhaustion and burnout in his career in the hospitality industry; and unsure where to go next.
  • We conducted a deep dive of transferrable skills and built a transition plan.
  • We took daily, consistent action and executed on the transition plan; optimizing each step as we went along
  • He secured a satisfying job offer in a completely different field — the tech sector; which was his preferred new industry.

Charting the Course from Construction Work to Naval Architecture - The Story of Mark

  • Mark already had experience in the construction industry; but was unsatisfied and experiencing professional uncertainty
  • Through our strategic analysis, we charted a new path for an area he had never considered.
  • We created a persuasive resume and LinkedIn profile that showcased his best contributions.
  • He fully transitioned into a new role that was his dream job and ultimate goal.




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