Rational Brain =============> Limbic System

  • # Controlled thought
    • clarity
    • planning
    • peace
  • # Controlled thought
    • clarity
    • planning
    • peace

How to Interupt the Pathway to the Limbic System

Focus on Something Positive

  • something good that happened in the day or week
  • something that you are grateful for
  • someone in your life that makes it better

Make a List of Facts

  • Column one- what you know
  • Column two- what you do not know
  • Move forward in action on what you know

Focus on What and Who Matters

Take Actions that Better Yourself and Your Situation, not the Problem

  • are you fighting yourself with negative thoughts and beliefs
  • if you weren’t fighting yourself, how would you be?
  • allow yourself to be open to that way of being

Create a Contingency Plan

  • ask for help
  • work together
  • share resources

Choose Your “What if” Train

Support Your Parasympathetic System

  • breathe
  • meditate
  • dance
  • music
  • connect to your heart

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Managing Uncertainty

Author: Todd