Charting the Course from Construction Work to Naval Architecture - The Story of Mark


I’d like to share the transformative journey of Mark, a construction worker who navigated his way to a structural engineering role, setting his sights on an ultimate goal in Naval Architecture.

Initial Assessments and Identifying Career Direction

Mark initially approached me in a state of professional uncertainty. Although equipped with a degree in civil engineering, he was working construction and felt dissatisfied and unsure of the next step in his career.

Through a series of comprehensive career assessments and deep conversations, we began to carve out his future path. Mark discovered a fascination for Naval Architecture—an area he’d never considered but resonated deeply with his interests and engineering background.

Building a Transition Plan and Gaining Structural Engineering Experience

Acknowledging the necessity of structural engineering experience to segue into Naval Architecture, we collaboratively crafted a strategic career transition plan.

This plan involved identifying suitable job roles, additional training courses, and potential companies that could offer the essential stepping stones towards his newfound aspiration.

Creating a Powerful Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Consistent Job Applications

Central to our transition strategy was the creation of a persuasive resume and LinkedIn profile that showcased Mark’s civil engineering degree, his construction experience, and highlighted transferable skills.

With these powerful tools in hand, Mark embarked on a diligent year-long journey of applying to structural engineering roles that aligned with our transition plan.

Networking and Building Relationships

Mark and I recognized the invaluable role networking plays in career transitions. He began reaching out to professionals in the structural engineering and naval architecture fields, conducting informational interviews, and actively engaging in industry groups to build relationships with key players in his target industries.

Preparing for Interviews

As interview opportunities arose, we undertook extensive preparation. I coached Mark on how to compellingly articulate his career shift, his passion for naval architecture, and his strategic plan to leverage structural engineering as an intermediate step.


Twelve months of tenacious efforts, strategic networking, and unwavering perseverance culminated in Mark securing a position as a Structural Engineer in a reputable company. This role marked a significant stride towards his ultimate goal in Naval Architecture.

Mark’s journey from uncertainty to clarity and from feeling stuck to making strides towards his dream career is an inspiration.

It underscores the power of career assessments, strategic planning, and resilient action in navigating successful career transitions. Witnessing Mark’s transformation and knowing I played a role in guiding him towards his newfound passion has been a genuinely rewarding experience.

Your turn

If you would like to have such an experience as Mark, I invite you to schedule a call with me.






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