Standing in the Shadow of Your Past?


How often do you find yourself rehashing a conversation or situation from your past? Maybe it was from this past morning, or past week, or even years past. What results are you getting from this behavior?

The problem with the past is that it cannot be changed. What’s done is done. The past is written.

How much suffering have you endured living in the milieu of a past situation? What is the reward you get by hanging onto it? Self-justification? Self-pity? Permission to be a victim?

You do get something from rehashing a past event or you wouldn’t be doing it. What is that thing for you?

What would the reward be to let the past go? What would you get if you were fully present and taking action in your present situation and circumstance? Maybe empowerment? Possibly freedom? How would that feel?

What you have available to take action is in front of you now, in the present. The future may or may not unfold according to your plan. You can however affect your future by being present and taking action in this present moment.

What action have you not taken today, this week, this month, or this year? What action do you believe is needed now for you to achieve your goals and move forward?

How can working with someone in the present, change the results you are getting? Who is on your team for success? How are they supporting you?

I want to support you achieving your goals. I’m Todd Gorishek, a Men’s Empowered Action Coach who can help free you from what traps you in the past, create action steps with you for your present, and support your future visions and dreams. Contact me and I will tell you how based on your specific situation.

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