Where Is Your Edge?

We get what we really want out of life at our “Edge”. When we arrive at our Edge we have left behind what is safe and what is familiar. At the Edge every sinew and fiber we have is used to create that which we envision and want most. It is at the Edge where, inevitably, the strength of our “Why” will be tested.

Living at our Edge is a journey on a singularly unique path of our own making. When the path seems dark, even dangerous, our footing is dependent upon our vision of who we’re meant to be. Only you and I can decide who that is; done without excuse or apology. The clarity of this vision shines light for us to see where we step next.

At the Edge we rely not only upon our skills but instinct, the wisdom of our gut. Trust becomes more than just in ourselves. It includes trusting our connection to the unseen forces which conspire to help us enter our state of greatest potential. In the Edge we must believe we can succeed.

The journey into our Edge means leaving the comfort of the familiar…rote routines, relationships, places, jobs, and careers in order to enter the milieu of our desired creation. It requires a willingness to embrace change. Spending any length of time in the Edge, it’s possible that loneliness becomes our companion, and fear our tormentor.

When our ego, panicking in its loneliness and fear, tells us to move away from our Edge, to run back to what is familiar and safe, we must do two things: 1) know our “why”, and 2) reach out and connect with others who can support our journey.

Whatever change or goal we want to pursue for ourselves, being clear about why we are doing it will help sustain us when uncertainty and doubt try to muscle in and sabotage our efforts.

What is your Why? Is it better health, greater freedom, or maybe increased influence? What impact will achieving this have on your life, the lives of those you love, the lives of others on this planet? How will things be different? How will things be better?

Knowing our Why, having the answers to questions like these, will keep us strong when everything in and around us says turn and run. Why helps us stay and forge ahead; support and connection helps us feel good about doing it. But how or with who do we connect?

Relationships we have that encourage us to move forward, to persevere in the discomfort, can help counter internal feelings of fear and loneliness; the feelings that cause us to leave the Edge. A phone call with a loved one, a chat over coffee with a trusted friend, is like a refreshing breeze on a hot, humid summer day. It gives us the boost we need to stay at our Edge and do the work needed.

Other support can be had when we seek out travelers like ourselves. A community of like minded people can be encouraging, informative, and supportive for our next step. Insight and shared wisdom can help us navigate our Edge successfully. With social media it is easier than ever to find our tribe.

Our Edge is where our vision becomes reality. Knowing our Why and creating supportive relationships, are tools to make loneliness dissipate, confidence grow, and our vision become clearer as we make this incredible journey into living our greatest potential.

Have you journeyed to your Edge? What next step puts you on that path?

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Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/arrow-shoes-beginning-start-upward-5863776
Your edge, Your edge, Your edge and Your edge.

Author: Todd