Men, …

Do you want to have a clear understanding of what you are about? Do you want to know your “why” that gets you up in the morning? Do you want clarity on how…to create the career you want to be doing, to have the relationship that makes you happy, to design a world that makes sense for you?

Then you want to have a Personal Purpose and Values Statement!

Join me Tuesday September 8th at 7 pm Central time to create your Personal Purpose and Values Statement.

Are you a man, maybe in your 40’s, working in your cubicle, lost in the maze of other cubicles all around you, wondering what your life is about? Maybe you feel dissatisfied or bored with the work you are doing? Are you asking what is the point of what you do each day? When looking at 20 more years ahead doing the same thing, are you getting a knot in your stomach?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe you are a 20 something year old man and in a job that is just a job. You haven’t figured out what you want to do yet, but you know that what you are doing now clearly isn’t it. What will happens with having a fulfilling and satisfying career if you wait 20 more years to know what you are really about?
Will you be doing what you like and love or will you be feeling stuck?Why wait 20 years to figure it out?

This same principle of personal purpose and values applies to relationships.

Maybe you have been in a committed relationship for years and feel it isn’t going anywhere, or more specifically you aren’t bringing your true self to the relationship. How much deeper, satisfying, and intimate would your relationship be if you committed to show up as the man you really are? Do you know who that man is?

If you aren’t in a relationship and want one, what are you using as a guide to make sure it will be a good fit? How can you help improve your odds that it will be a relationship that you will enjoy, grow, and thrive in for a very long time?

Join me Tuesday, September 1st at 7 pm Central time to create your Personal Purpose and Values Statement.

Why are having clear and relevant values important?

Values define who you are. They serve as the base of support to accomplish your personal purpose in your career, relationships, and in fact any goal you have in life.
Do you know what you value? Do your actions align with your values and personal purpose?

Who Needs this Course?

• You want to know more about yourself and the potential you have so you have more confidence to create the career, relationships, and goals important to you.
• You desire to make a change or are in the midst of change.
• You feel like there should be something more to life but you haven’t been able to define it or find it.
• You want to do something meaningful and good in this world.
• You want to show up more authentic and have authentic relationships in your life.

What You Will Get From This Course:

• Discover your core values that help you make choices that are right for you.
• Identify your unique skills, talents, and abilities that help you get things done.
• Recognize how you can use your values, vision, and skills to navigate change and create the future you want.
• Create your personal road map that enables you to make meaningful choices and decisions.

I will meet with you 1:1 for a powerful coaching session to help you implement your personal purpose in your career and relationships.

We look at your specific situation and discover concrete steps you can take to make your job more fulfilling, or to create a path towards a more satisfying and rewarding career, or to change habits and behaviors in your relationship keeping you from living within your personal purpose and values.

This is a hard, honest, and supportive conversation looking at your life to see where you are living in your purpose and values, where you are not, and then taking action to be in alignment with who you are.

How It Works
This course will be taught live on Zoom. Attendance is required. There will be no recording available.
After the live class, you will have 15 days to schedule a powerful 1:1 coaching session with me to help you implement what you learned into the real, every day situations of your life.

All this for $197

• In what ways would your relationships be better?
• How would your career have more direction?
• What decisions would you be making with the right map?

Enroll in this one time, potentially life changing, program now at this link.