It is apparent that many of our daily routines and activities are changing in this time of the Coronavirus. The question becomes, “How will you change with it?”

Will you choose to use this time for personal growth, finding increased meaning and connection with family and friends, and develop long put off habits and goals? Or will you allow fearful imaginations plague your thoughts and feelings, and keep you running scared, suspicious, and distrusting of others during this time?

On a grand scale, this pandemic provides an opportunity for all of us to leave the divisiveness of ideologies behind and come together for the common good. Our good health and well being, individually and collectively, is important; maybe the most important thing we can experience together in a collective society.

How would it feel to give up the heaviness of focusing on me vs “the other.” What energy could be found by focusing on the “us, our, and we” when confronting Coronavirus? How could this time be used to heal differences, hurts, and wounds that may have been created in the past?

What opportunities are you seeing?

On a smaller scale and closer to home, what activities could you begin to implement to strengthen relationships with those you love and care about? With fewer places to go and less external competition for your attention, where could you direct your attention that you previously haven’t, or not to the degree you would like? Who or what would that be?

How could your attention be a blessing for someone else?

With less traveling and fewer group entertainment options, there are a ton of activities we could begin now. Exercising at home, reading more books, listening to music, learning to play an instrument, enjoying card and board games with family and close friends, and cooking more are only a few things we could do.

Perhaps now there is an opportunity to slow down and be more present in your own life?

When we are present there is greater opportunity to notice and examine our attachments. In light of the changes being made because of Coronavirus, what are you finding you are attached to? Ask yourself, “How does this attachment serve me?”

Has the attachment been a crutch to hide or ignore something important in your life? Now may be a great time and opportunity to address that. What do you think?

Crisis can bring out the best in us. It can also bring out the worst. I don’t believe our worst surfaces because we are inherently cruel or mean. Sometimes fear takes hold of us and drives our decisions and actions. This isn’t an excuse, only an explanation.

My encouragement is to not let fear drive you through this time. Choose love. Choose kindness. Choose to examine your life. Decide what is truly important and then walk toward those things with courage.

As more of us do this, I believe we will arrive at a place of great blessing. One that we would have never found before Coronavirus.

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