Emotions create the mood I live in. My moods are the gateway to the possibilities I am able to see for myself. If I live most of the time in a positive mood, the possibilities are numerous and my world expands. When I live my life in a negative mood, the possibilities I see for myself are limited, and my world becomes much smaller.

What world do you want to live in?

There are things we can do to shift ourselves from a negative mood into a positive mood. This requires the proper use of Facts, Possibilities, and Uncertainty.

1. Facts- these are the things that are out of my control to change, at least in the present and immediate future. The past is also a fact. I cannot change something that has already happened, or that which I do not control.

When I recognize what I have power over to change and what I don’t, I have clarity.

Do I accept the facts of my situation or not? Accepting “the facts” does not mean I cannot change my future in some way. It only means I eliminate suffering from denying the facts of my current situation

By choosing acceptance of this, I can then work on solutions to improve my current situation.

2. Possibilities

Possibilities lead to positive mood shifts. They are the pathway out of moods that cause me suffering.

When I accept that I can change, that my circumstances can change, and that my mood can change, I am inviting the possibilities to present themselves. I have just opened up a world that is bigger and more expansive. I live in the light of possibilities.

And it is because of possibilities that my story is one without a known ending. This unknown aspect brings me to Uncertainty.

3. Uncertainty

The world is an uncertain place. When I accept uncertainty as part of my life’s landscape, I can be much more effective at actually managing my life. Alternatively, if I choose not to accept uncertainty as part of life, I am inviting undue suffering, increased fear, and negative moods into my experience.

However, when I ask myself questions of what I don’t know, or name what I don’t have answers to, I have at least identified something. With this clarity, I can then orient myself in a direction to learn and gain knowledge to help me find the answers I need. Uncertainty still exists, but I put myself on a path to decrease it.

So I can use facts, possibilities, and uncertainty to my advantage to create a mood that supports me moving forward in life. This mood allows my mental and emotional space to expand presenting new possibilities.

What possibility would be available to you if you accepted more uncertainty in your life?


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Changing Moods and Emotions, Changing Moods and Emotions.

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