I guess the first question to ask is, “What are the important questions?”

Is what I considerimportant at 30 the same as at 50? If it really is an importantquestion shouldn’t it always be important regardless of what age Iam, or not?

What do you think theimportant questions are for men at 20? 30? 40? 50? 60 and beyond? Iwould love to have men in these different age groups share what themost important question is to them right now.

I’m 57. An importantquestion to me now is, “How do I share the best parts ofmyself…experience, understanding, and energy with others, so theworld is a better place because of it?”I guess at this point inmy life I am looking for impact on others, to help make sense of myjourney thus far.

What about you?

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Author: Todd