What would simplicity look like for you in your life?

I have lived in South America for 4 years now, and in general the majority of the population where I have lived seem to keep it simple.

Most people don’t have a lot “things”. They make due with what they have. What they don’t have and need, they get creative.

What the people who live here seem to have is a sense of connection and belonging. I have seen families and friends who regularly gather together. Whether it is in their homes with doors wide open and people spilling out from the house, or a group gathered in a park, they seem happy, and engaged with each other.

Music is almost always present in some form, and food is definitely part of it. There is a real sense of joy in the moment with the people who are present together.

Observing this lifestyle makes me realize how “things” can be a burden. When we have lots of things there is a mental tracking that happens, consuming our time and attention.

Wanting things, holding feelings of want inside us, is also a burden. It can create feelings of sadness, jealousy, and bitterness. When not having a “thing” is preventing us to be joyful, then we have a problem.

When the acquisition of things distract us from engaging and connecting with those we love, there is also a problem. This is my beef with things.

I believe one way to keep our need for things under control is to be conscious of simplicity, and to appreciate what it adds to our lives.

Simplicity allows for more time focused on people, those we love and care about. Stress is reduced in our lives when we don’t have to earn more money to pay for more things. Gratitude can be practiced more often for what we do have, and this helps with our overall sense of well being.

What is one thing you could do to move toward more simplicity in your life? I invite you to share below.

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Author: Todd