Some of my clients who I spoke to this last week have been distracted by world events. The war between Russia and Ukraine, with it’s myriad implications for life as we know it, is a big deal. I understand that. I would even argue it’s normal to experience great concern when the level of uncertainty of the future is so high.

A question is created from this situation: How is your control over your future affected differently by you being concerned or you being consumed?

The conversations I’ve had with my clients may include something along the lines of…I’ve been so engulfed in…I’ve been so distracted about…I’ve been consumed by…and then they continue to give me the thing that didn’t get done, the plan that wasn’t worked, and the movement that didn’t happen.

I would suggest that these men have moved, at least temporarily, from being concerned to being consumed. This week has been tricky, at least with the potential of events to capture our focus and mess with our minds.

If you choose to focus hour after hour on each news channel reporting devastation, destruction, and despair, what do you think is going to be the effect on you and your ability to control your future?

Do you stop working on what you know is important for you? Does your emotional wellness shift into an anxious state? What happens to your overall effectiveness in creating your future? 

Have you moved from being concerned to being consumed?

Here are three ways to stay concerned without becoming consumed.

1. Take Action

I am not supporting burying your head in the sand and create a false reality about what is happening right now. I am supporting you to take action.

That means take some action to help address your concerns…maybe donating to supportive causes, reaching out to those you may know who are affected, or in some tangible way do something to help alleviate or support the concern you have.

Once who have taken some action to address your concern, take action to address your goals and those things that move you toward the future you want.

Take what action you can to control the future you want to have…right here, right now, where you are at.

2. Create Time Limits

What we focus on will put our mind, body, and emotions in task, in motion, to address and dwell on it. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what is happening, to stay up on current events. Set a time limit, maybe an hour each day, to do just that.

Then, set an amount of time to work on your goals, identify steps, and take action to accomplish them. Focus on that and only that.

Creating time limits for what you choose to focus on during your day will help you control your intended future.

3. Stay Compassionate

When you find yourself being consumed, gently remind yourself to redirect your focus back to what will move you toward the best future for yourself.

Extend compassion to yourself, and others as well, throughout this process.

I firmly believe that if you and I can stay focused on doing those things that create our best selves, our greatest future, then we will be able to positively impact, not only our futures, but the future of the world from the ripples we create.

Focus on that.

Author: Todd