What is your emotional range men?

Do you perceive showing others your sadness a weakness? How about happiness? What do you show when you are fucking angry?

There is a problem with ignoring, denying, and disowning how we feel. No matter how big of a stone face we put on for others, our body feels what we refuse to let our brain acknowledge.

Wonder why you have an ulcer? How much anger and tension are you carrying? Curious why you can’t  laugh easily? How much sadness have you stuffed into your gut? Find it hard to stand up straight and tall? What feelings of shame have you left impaled in your chest?

Look man, I’m not suggesting any of us have to “wear our feelings on our sleeves”. What I am saying is that a good-ass wail with tears, maybe a deep guttural scream, or a belly laugh that has you rolling on the floor is in order. Allow your feelings out. Process them. Let them tell you something you need to hear for your well being.

Have a lot of anger? Is it because your kid didn’t mow the lawn Saturday, your partner went on a  shopping spree, or is it because you don’t have good boundaries for yourself? Are you angry because you feel taken advantage of? What is the anger saying to you?

Do you feel completely exhausted? Is it because of the 20 things you distract yourself with each day, or is it because of your sadness about a lost relationship and pretending it doesn’t matter? Owning the sadness from loss allows happiness to find a foothold.

Why aren’t you laughing more? Is it because things aren’t funny, or because you grew up in a home where you weren’t allowed to express joy? Laughter is the path to joy. Try laughing until it hurts.

You and I have a right to our feelings. It doesn’t mean we are right or wrong about the situation that created them. It just means we feel a certain way because of it. 

If we pay attention and allow the emotion to flow, we often can find out what’s really up with us, and arrive at a better place physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What emotion is the most difficult for you to access?

Author: Todd Gorishek

Todd is a certified Men’s Life Coach, an entrepreneur, a licensed healthcare professional, a husband, a father, and a world traveler. His mission is to co-create a strong and compassionate world by facilitating transformation through understanding, trust, and empowerment. He received his professional Life Coaching education from Newfield Network, a certified Life Coach training school, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.