I’m Todd Gorishek and I’m here writing to you fully living my passion. Today I am a Men’s Life Coach, an Entrepreneur, a licensed Health Care Professional, a Husband, a Father…I am an Empowered Man.

Sometimes it seems to me like it’s been a long road; but really, it has just been the road I’ve been on. And for all the pot holes, construction zones, hairpin curves, steep grades, uphill climbs, and the never-fully-appreciated smooth surfaces…this is my road and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

The Road

The great thing about a road is that it can have a lot of people coming and going, entering and exiting. You and I are doing that now as you read this. As long as you’re here, we are sharing some of the same road together. And this is where my passion begins!

Intersections, crossings, lane changes, and even the occasional head on collision is where I find the heartbeat of life. I’m never the same after meeting someone like you, and the same happens for you meeting me. Our brains record our interaction; we may not consciously recall it ever again, but we’ve left our fingerprint in each other’s world. So thank you; my possibilities become larger because of my interaction with you!

The Passion

Passion! More specifically, my passion working with men to live empowered lives and create the world we are after. I’ve been successfully doing this for myself for the last decade or so, and in that same time helping other men do it too. It’s been going so well I decided it was time to be a Men’s Life Coach full time.

The Road Block

It hasn’t always been this way for me. My years growing up consisted of trying not to be the target of others ridicule and judgments; more specifically, ridicule and judgment from the male figures in my life…in my family, peers, and even friends. The opinions of others from these experiences became truths I held about myself. Over time I learned to live small, and play it safe…keep it close, so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been goal oriented, focused, and more often than not successful at what I had set out to achieve in my life. I have academic and professional degrees, had careers in financial corporate America, as well as the medical profession. I’ve created and been involved in multiple entrepreneurial businesses; I married and raised a family. So, I haven’t been sitting around feeling bad about myself. In fact, from other’s outside observations, I appeared to have it all.

But here’s the thing, I often felt less than other men. Somehow I believed I didn’t measure up. I would be standing with a group of men and see myself as an outsider, and deep down I felt I wasn’t enough. I felt like a fraud, and feared I would be found out at any minute. Also true for me was that I didn’t really trust men, and only saw them as a threat. Seeing my world in this way greatly limited what I could do…what I wanted to do.

The Dozer

I had to do a lot of work on myself to change this. I had to look at hidden aspects of myself and how consciously or unconsciously they affected my clarity and the direction of my life. I had to confront my fears, experience my grief, acknowledge my regrets, and really allow myself to feel all of it. Working through my confusion, emptiness, and aloneness, I learned to truly love and appreciate the person I am, even those parts I’m not so proud of.

The Result

I got my life back! My emotional range is fuller and I no longer operate from anxiety, fear, and frustration. Living more authentically I have created a better marriage, stronger personal relationships, become more engaged as a dad, and pursue more fulfilling interests in my career.

My life has moved in a new direction, a direction that I have chosen; one that I want. I am preparing to move with my family to Ecuador. That means I am leaving my comfortable, secure, salaried career to create new opportunities for myself full-time as a Men’s Life Coach, and I’m doing this in a foreign country to boot!. Living empowered has made all the difference in my life.

And now, with much gratitude and even more excitement, I am here to write and share with you what I have learned and what I continue to learn living as an Empowered Man.

Thank you for reading!