This is a post I wrote a couple years ago and it is was the moment I realized it was time to turn Men’s Life Coaching into a full time career…

I was out hiking in the desert today making my way through the rocky cliffs and narrow ravines. I love doing this! Climbing white sandstone boulders painted black and red from a millenia of iron residue, touching dark desert moss under my fingers,  I grip and make my advance up to the next rock. I snake my way through the craggy break in the face of the cliff until I reach the top. That’s when it hit me.

 I stood at the top and looked at the vistas surrounding me. My first thought was I am so small in such a vast world. I chose to just stand there in silence and let it speak to me. Then, from the silence, came my epiphany. I am not small and insignificant in a big world. I am agile and able…to participate in the opportunity that exists all around me. As I stood there I slowly turned a full 360 degrees…seeing, maybe for the first time,  my opportunities are as vast as the horizons that surround me.

Up on the top of the cliff it seemed so clear to me how abundant the world is. There was no presence of fear, or lack, or scarcity. There was only now. In that moment I could see how vast the space is that the world offers me to grow and create my heart’s desires.

I was struck by a reality that I don’t live in a box, but rather, I am part of an entire world filled with resources, people, places…and space,  for me to create.

The space is waiting for you too. What will you choose to create in it?